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3 Years!? (2010 Review)

December 31st, 2010 at 12:01 pm

Oh man, I can't believe I haven't updated this blog in nearly that long!
Well, 2010 was a strange old year. Family members went and came, careers went nowhere. Relationships were non existent.
Money was saved at an unsustainable rate, and so money was splurged- several times, none of which I am particularly proud of.
I've been through about four computers this year too, thanks to sneaky eBay sellers and a run of bad luck.
I FINALLY passed my driving test!
Even though I now have to save for a car.
Even though this year I have fallen far off the bandwagon, in 2011 I intend to stick to a strict budget and keep visiting here and blogging to keep motivated!
Oho, I wonder what 2011 will bring?

Total Savings:
Bank of Scotland 15414.15 (USD $24,022.85)

National Savings Account: 3406.27 (USD $5,308.65)

2 Responses to “3 Years!? (2010 Review)”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Welcome back and happy new year!

  2. Jerry Says:

    Welcome back! There is always something to try to lead us away from our financial goals, but the true test is in having some sort of insurance that you can stick with it. I wish you the best in 2011... you can do it!

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